How can we help you?

There are four main areas that generally encompass the services we offer:


We can review the IP terms of any contracts that may be in place or that are about to be put in place to ensure that your IP is being captured, not being released, or licenced in a way that may be detrimental to your business.  We work closely with your legal counsel (or ours) to ensure that your IP is staying with you.

We can review the IP terms for employment and consultant contracts to ensure that any IP produced during your employees’ employment is owned by you.

We can design and implement IP capture processes and employee reward schemes so that mechanisms are in place to capture IP and that employees are motivated to report IP.  We can also devise strategies to maximise innovation.

We can educate your employees, clients, or board on IP and the relevance of it to your business, so that everyone has the same expectations and understanding of where your company wants to go with its IP.


Without proper systems to manage captured IP, there is limited value in trying to capture it.

We can put proper systems in place to ensure that your IP is documented, deadlines monitored, fees paid, applications drafted and filed, and manage your patent/ trade mark attorneys for you.

We have existing relationships with many top-level IP firms and can often obtain preferential rates for IP services from these firms.


We can help you put your IP to work: enforcement, establishing a commercial edge, reviewing your competitors IP to find a point of difference, licensing, branding.

We can help you come up with a viable strategy that leverages off your current IP portfolio.


We can put you in contact with our network of designers, engineers and researchers to build prototypes/tooling, scale up, and optimisation etc.

We can also help you get your house in order before you approach or pitch to some investors to gain seed capital or on the way to an initial public offering (IPO).

Let us help you get your product to your customers.