Who are we?

Dr Jarrod Ward

Jarrod has a somewhat geeky background having earned his street credentials in pavement theatre and circus arts and then graduating to organic chemistry, patent law, and commercialisation. While he is a geek and carney at heart, his love of innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship is what really interests him (he thinks dogs are pretty cool too). Jarrod excels at getting to the bottom of a problem, finding a solution that works, educating others about the solution, and bringing everyone along for the ride.

Jarrod has worked with different companies, large and small, all over the world to help them achieve their goals. Over his career, Jarrod has accumulated a plethora of experiences around business development, intellectual property protection, commercialisation, negotiation, research, invention, product development, and licensing.

When not out and about helping his clients, you will find Jarrod spending time with his growing family, on a bicycle or out walking one of the numerous dogs that he cares for from his pet care business. Although he is a Kiwi and longs for the rolling hills of Wellington to go mountain biking, you may be able to get him to admit (begrudgingly) that Australia is awesome too.